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I owe it to…..

    The first post of the first ever blog of my life is undoubtedly dedicated to my mom, the only person in the name of my immediate family. Almost everyone travels along a rocky road towards success but few have such hands to hold along the way that give them the support and comfort they need. I am one of those lucky ones who get to feel the warmth of these hands while battling with the challenges of life. I never understood the meaning of the mother-child bond until I sensed the anguish of my own mother when I was in pain and couldn’t stop my tears when she was troubled. And now that I do it won’t be exaggeration to say that the debt of her efforts and time dedicated to me is my greatest motivation to success. And by experiencing the impact of this motivation I can easily say that the endeavours of a mother is the best motivation for all sensitive children, certainly more effective than beating, scolding or hours of lecturing. I hope the inspiration triggered by this relationship takes me a long way and helps me achieve what I aspire!!!
     I just mentioned the presence of a moving force inside me, the motivation of Mama. But that motivation would have gotten lost long ago in the screams of agony if it wasnt the love of my friends that keeps me actually living my life through all thick and thin. No matter how bad I have failed during the day, R, A, N and B make me feel special every moment we spend together. I believe that the greatest potential I have is the individuality of my thought and emotions. And I say today that these girls are the protectors and defenders of this very individuality which is the base of all my goals!!!
     I have two parts, one thinks rationally and the other is completely irrational. Well I think the wilderness of my imagination is labelled as irrationality by the people!! However, I have my friends who oppose but allow my irrationality and Mama who inspires me to mould rational plans out of the irrational ideas. This channel is the reason of my sanity and keeps me steering for survival through the worst of cyclones in life!!

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  1. Maham Your Mama is a superb personality a very good manager and administrator as I knew her. Through your post I came to know about one more aspect of her personality. Yahh she is great not because she is so well in her life (MashaAllah) but because she has such an inspirational role in your life that shows she is perfect in all of her roles. You expressed beautifully your love for your Mama. God bless you. Seema Zahid.


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