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Karachi ki baatain…..

    Karachi, the city of lights, housing millions of people from all ethnic backgrounds and walks of life will be the most alive city you will see around the world. Its not alive because there are cars all around honking horns and blocking roads..also not because there are people everywhere but the reason for its life is the constant movement of lips under all circumstances and emotions. Accidents, fights, parties, shopping, eating, working, selling, studying..whatsoever, people always need to have company and conversation to feel alive. It is this reason that I have never seen many people standing or working alone without having to talk!!! But the talking is not all dry and boring…make things make it even spicier..the joy of talking in Karachi just begins with a partner but to go along needs a cup of tea and spicy snacks for sure! But just as every party needs a perfect venue, there has to be a perfect backdrop to every saucy conversation. And these backdrops depend on many factors of the conversation..are women talking?? are young girls talking?? are shopkeepers talking?? Oh boy, dont tell me there’s a cricket match?? Groups of women are common to see around cloth markets making wild grabs over their favourite fabrics especially as new collections are welcomed by summer. Whereas busy malls, cafes, chic shops witness hoardes of young gals and guys have their time hanging out and shopping!! Its party season when its the sports season..whoever has a garden, has to show one of the matches..this time we dont paint the town red..we pain it green..we shout PAKISTAN!!!!!!
        Its never late..its never dark..nobody is bored…there’s always a place to go no matter how much terror has crept becuase of any recent event!! The life and love of Karachi is completey intoxicating and addicting…..and we teach the world to see the brighter side of everything..! 😀

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