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Can we really kill Zardari to eradicate corruption?? – Comments on a Facebook event page


Ok, so I was going through my Facebook homepage the past weekend in utter boredom. I did find something really interesting there, but at the same time extremely disappointing!! As my eyes raced along the white and blue page decorated with millions of colourful pictures and varying characters, something struck my vision like lightning. It surely affirmed what I had believed since a long time, but this time I never felt as happy as I do on being supported by evidence!! Anyhow, I had a strong feeling inside me that the prevailing conditions of our society have made most of today’s youth completely hopeless and they have no intention of staying back in Pakistan. Alas! I saw a proof of that!! The extreme right corner of my Facebook Homepage showed a list of events that my friends attended. One of these was something that meant planning to kill Zardari. The date of the event was October 7th!! However, my mind was steered elsewhere reading this, than opening to see the event page. It is very obvious that a group of high school students cannot plan to kill someone; but a lot of questions arise from these words. Is this a constructive way of expressing disappointment from the system? Is our youth directing their emotions in the right way? Is social media being used appropriately to bring change? And many more…
        Over years a great deal of frustration has been building up in this generation regarding the immorality of this system. However, this frustration has somewhat pushed the youth to think negatively. I certainly do not mean that we should support this corruption, but constructively express emotions against it. Some of you may feel it is foolish to expect an intellectual approach from a nation which has minimal literacy rates, but to our disappointment such reactions are witnessed mostly in the priviliged and well-educated class of the society. This is quite justified!! Why should someone who has food, water, branded clothes, good education, money to travel or even settle abroad fuss about how developed their country is?? Isn’t that the job of those who rely on Pakistan? The rich dont, right?? No, as a matter of fact, we all do!! Because nobody else is going to give us a dignified identity as our country does, what if with less amenities. It is this relief  at the back of our minds that we are resourceful enough to leave the country, hence we have a license to express ourselves as we want. There is no doubt about the fact that we have a very well aware and conscious youth but does that consciousness actually bring any good to the place where they breathe, eat, party?? No, because they don’t intend to. My words may seem unrealistic and impossible but there are different ways of perceiving it. The whole idea of positively publicizing our opinions lies on the fact that what we think and believe should be reflected through actions. Or else we will be just like the hypocrites we criticize, won’t we?? Eradicating dishonesty, corruption or disloyalty from daily lives can be a positive alternative to express that we are not party to what is being done to our system.
      Coming back to the actual incident this post is based on, is the whole idea of communicating our urge to kill someone of authority on Facebook of any other social networking site appropriate? There can be many angles of the story! At the face it might not seem very harmful; I mean social media is new ‘cool’ way of venting out our emotions, aint it? But try giving it a critical look.

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  1. Finally, someone with brains. I have always hated such events and pages. Not only because they disorient the youth from positive approach, but also because they give out an extremely shattered image of Pakistan to the rest of the world.

    Glad you highlighted this. 🙂


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