karachi, Pakistan

Karachi Burns in the Fire of Disunity…….

            On Thursday, July 14, 2011, Karachi’s streets were red with blood and vehicles were seen set ablaze across the city. Karachi – the city of lights and Pakistan’s largest commercial hub has been serving the nation by producing various goods that contribute 7 million rupees worth of exports to the nation. Today, this city saw abandoned roads, quiet markets and almost no business. Everyday, young and old men leave their homes, sometimes with hungry families to find daily labor jobs that provide them with sufficient wages to run their houses. These workers earn a living on per diem basis. This means a day like today can leave many daily wage earners robbed of means to fulfill their needs. Can Pakistan, an emerging economy, battling with inflation and poverty afford to keep its commercial hub deprived of business worth of millions of rupees? Not to mention, this is the third day in one week when the city has observed such mournful situations!! Personal attack on a particular community of the country by senior officials, today not only burnt the streets of Karachi but the sentiments of loyal citizens belonging to this community. However, this very reason behind the war –like condition today leaves us to question the state of mind of our fellow citizens, especially those in responsible positions. After 63 years of independence, are we still fighting over the position of Sindhis, Punjabis, Pathans, Balochis or Muhajirs? Are we shallow enough to consider each other on the mercy of each other?  
            The sole reason behind Pakistan’s development being hampered is the fact that we i.e people of Pakistan, officials in Pakistan, and politicians of Pakistan have not yet accepted the country as one and ‘Pakistani’ as our only identity. This disunity has simply crept into all of us only to make us fight with our own fellows. And events of the past two days are the greatest examples of detachment between us. Why cannot people of one nation share emotions when they share the land they live in and the air they breathe in? It is sad to see the walls of the city painted with aims of particular political parties and not missions as being solely and only Pakistan. I and many other young people have grown reading slogans calling people to support parties and not Pakistan. I’m sorry to say but these words have repelled the youth from Pakistan. Because no nation divided into sects, political parties or provinces can become a bright future for its young people. I would not explain the importance of Muhajirs to answer these attacks because I consider myself as only a Pakistani and expect everybody to give me and my fellow Pakistanis equal respect because of this status. Those who think painting walls with slogans and flags of their political parties will strengthen Pakistan need to realize that every flick of such paint brushes on the walls divide us and weaken the walls of Pakistan. This is not the time to play mere politics but opt for unity, faith and discipline, the very foundations of Pakistan set by its own founder, Jinnah.