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Everything happens for a reason….=)

I’m sure all of us have been through times when things don’t go as you’ve planned or as you want them to be. Well, I have been through many such times, each varying in their severity!! And seriously, planning never works for me!! But I just can’t stop planning like every other cautious human being. So, towards the end of the previous year, I seriously began planning ‘summer 2011’. Actually, I roughly started doing that as soon as last summer ended only!!  But who knew things would take a completely different turn; not that I didn’t like the turn!!

I was eagerly waiting for admissions in the Stanford University summer school to open. And they did around early December. There was a tedious application process to go through. Not to mention how I spent my winter break writing persuasive essays on intricate topics. However, I learnt a great deal from it. The application was submitted through fax in the form of some 40 pages printed from a PDF document. It was my first encounter to a US university’s application packet. And certainly not a friendly one! But it has really prepared me for what’s going to come when its time to fill the college application. However, after a long wait till 1st of March I got to know that I wasn’t admitted. Came out as a bad news but no regrets because there were still other options!!!
Once again, I started working on the application for Georgetown University summer school. This one was much easier and shorter, although I couldn’t fulfill all requirements and lost this one too. By this time, the vacations had already begun. It was pretty disheartening this time but I’ve learnt to make compromises with what you want in life during all these years. I mean don’t they say everything happens for a reason. And I believe in it more than anything. So failing twice to get admitted into a US summer school had to have a good reason behind it!!  
Now I’ll get back to the purpose of the post, since all of the above was only a background to it.  As I began by saying how often things don’t go as you’ve planned or as you want them to go and growing up that’s the biggest thing I’ve learnt. And this summer was another one of such a learning experience. Basically, failing twice to enter in a summer school was a step towards discovering new opportunities that contributed a great deal in my personal development. So I come to the conclusion that “Everything happens for a reason and hadn’t I failed I wouldn’t have made a move towards such an important milestone in my development – BLOGGING”!!

At the State Bank Museum of Pakistan during The School of Writing workshop

It had been two consecutive summers that I spent my vacations in US but this year my Karachi was awesome =).  Being with friends and family at cool places in your very own city is the best way one can spend a summer vacations. It was totally a different experience seeing places like the Mohatta Palace, State Bank of Pakistan Museum, Oxford University Press now after living in Karachi for so many years. It’s like I’ve fallen in love again with Karachi, even after all the strikes and power failures. And today when I am writing for my blog, I don’t regret not going to the summer school because I have found more things to do that will make it a lot easier for me to grab other opportunities in the future.  Being enrolled in a 10 day writing workshop was a great experience and I witnessed a whole paradigm shift in my approach to writing (picture above). Also I got a lot of time to bond with my mother. Since both of us are busy all year round, these two months are the most awaited in our lives when we get to know each other even more. I get involved in her work, learn a lot and surely make lots of new friends.
So, it’s all good baby even if you don’t go to the US or anywhere else outside Pakistan because Karachi needs us. Or I guess we need it more!! And I think that’s what we need to do, give time, love and attention to our own hometowns; nurture and develop them with these!!!! ❤

4 thoughts on “Everything happens for a reason….=)”

  1. Great post. It helped me realise how I am afterall proud to be a Pakistani or a Karachite for that matter. Failure isn't necessarily failure, its an opportunity lost, which doesn't seem like such a huge problem when you recover from it quickly and divert your attention to the sea of endless opportunities that awaits you. Wonderful insights 🙂


  2. Hi! This is a tremendous improvement in your writing now!!! Humm looks like money spend at TSW workshop did not go waste. And yes you brought energy and life by lending your help at our summer programs throughout. love you!!!


  3. This is one of those pieces which when you read make you realize things you weren't realizing in the first place. I have similar experiences to share and yes I can proudly say that even though I missed on a couple of opportunities yet I found time to get some things done and discover new talents that were hidden somewhere. Great! 🙂


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