"Yeh hoti hai asal larki, chutki main bipasha, chutki main madhubala, buhat aala" – Seriously???

“Yeh hoti hai asal larki, chutki main bipasha, chutki main madhubala, buhat aala!” said by our very own Ali Zafar, is one of the dialogues from the new Yash Raj rom-com, ‘Mere Brother ki Dulhan’. This new venture revolves around the drama involved in the search for a perfect ‘dulhan’ – bride for Ali Zafar by his brother Imran Khan who falls in love with his ‘brother ki dulhan’, as the title of the movie suggests. The trailer was out around the end of July making everybody impatient to see Katrina’s work after the much celebrated ‘Shiela ki Jawani’ in Tees Maar Khan. And of course for Pakistanis around the world, it’s about seeing their music icon Ali Zafar besides the two famed youth icons of Bollywood, Imran Khan and Katrina Kaif; that too in Yash Raj’s work with just enough of drama, comedy, romance and dance. Ok, that just made me realize how high my hopes are with this new one releasing early September!!!
Coming back to the point, the very dialogue I started writing this with, caught my ears, mind and thoughts till I decided to write about it. And what caught so much of my attention in it was very ideology of a perfect bride in the marriage-obsessed Indo-Pak society. (No offence to marriages, I totally believe in them!!) To remind you of this very ideology, it is about an extremely beautiful girl who is well-educated (the definition has risen from Inter pass to Bachelors these days!!), has unmatched domestic skills (why don’t you go marry a Home-economics graduate then, loser!!!), preferably some exposure to the outer world; accepted if through a job, exceptional fashion sense and oh-my how could I forget the integral quality of this heroic skill to switch roles between the totally sassy girl-friend type and the sentimental, motherly type. Huh!! Give me a break!! Also, the last quality, dear readers is the very essence of the superbly framed dialogue (hats-off to the writer for putting it so precisely). Going through the criteria of a perfect bride, I realize that there is no possible area where the suitor is ready to make a compromise. I mean, total perfection is required. It also made me think whether I will be allowed to hope for this perfection in a man some 10 years later!!
Though, I also believe the expectations are legitimate, after all the boy is looking for a life-partner, the very debatable point here is that do we give liberty to the girl to keep such high expectations when she is choosing her best half. Can girls say “Yeh hota hai asal larka, chutki mein Dilip Kumar, chutki mein Akshay Kumar….”?? No, right!! I know, there are always exceptions but that’s the general scenario, so please don’t say it doesn’t happen all the time.
I don’t criticize the writer of the movie I mentioned for portraying this ideology because it is very much there in the Indian subcontinent since long and has crept in so much that you can’t avoid showing it when you’re showing the match-making process. But you know what I think its high time women are treated as mere objects which are supposed be perfect (as if we’re a piece of garment at a designer’s) and men as the ultimate tasteful buyers because at the end of the day its going to be relationship based on mutual understanding. So why not start practicing it before marriage!!  =D