Another year, another birthday, new beinnging!!

It’s been a considerably long time since I posted anything on the blog. I kept thinking there wasn’t any thing creative enough in my head to be posted. And the idea of not being able to come up with anything creative was even more discouraging. but after several months of this weird creative struggle I feel like I can type down some ideas. Not that this post is going to be a creative masterpiece!
Since the last few months, let’s say since 2012 started, a fresh breeze has entered life. It’s been hard, easy, sad, happy, rewarding and a mixture of all sorts of feelings. If I notice a
pattern in in my life, I will have to state here again that it is all in the months of March and April that I feel so.

I associate these months to happiness, joy, success, freshness, beginning and everything good in this world that can be thought of. Even though if it’s nothing tangible. And this Year these months are as joyous as ever, filling me with distinct elation and takes me along an ambiguous peak of hope. When I mentioned success, happiness, freshness and beginning, they all have inter linked associations to me. And have new ones for every year.

This year began with a great creative venture involving students creatively, mentally as well as physically in the production of a drama festival – Insignia 2012. Describing the whole journey and the time spent with some amazing people I got to know during the time would absolutely need another post and anything said about it here would end up becoming an understatement. So sticking to the track I set before starting the post, I would only discuss how it affected my life.

Till last year it was only about performing on stage and feeling the joy of being applauded for it. But this year it magnificently changed to creating a whole experience for the members of the drama club and taking it upon myself to ensure perfection and discipline yet give students an environment that churns out the best of their talent. And believe me making this possible for 73 students, not just students but 73 different individuals was one experience. And surely one that left me with a lot of lessons learnt. It seems strange how it took 7 months to build a team that could put up a great show for one day. I don’t know about others but I am of the opinion that it those 7 months are way more important and close to our hearts
than that one day. And this is the magic of teamwork, the real victory! It was one creative journey that makes me feel proud of who I am, for making so many people realize who they are and finally for making everybody else appreciate us for who we are.

All in all, these months have brought phenomenal opportunities for me. I remember writing on the blog only about how I never got into summer school But everything happens for a reason and this wait also open new doors for me. And today I can gladly say that patience has given me it’s fruits and I’m enrolled in the summer school as well as have an internship. Thus, have a wonderful beginning to a new phase in life with this sixteenth birthday. Cheers!!!!!

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