Every day is mother’s day but make Mother’s Day even more special!

It’s that time of the year again when all of us specially make an effort to pay homage to Almighty’s most cherished creation, mother. Yes, its Mother’s day around the corner! Even though none of us can deny that every day is mother’s and father’s day but these specially designated days make the experience of expressing love to our beloved parents even more memorable for children as well as parents.
However, I still believe this act of conveying our gratitude and love to mothers gets trapped in the cage of life, responsibilities, jobs, studies etc, which shouldn’t be the case. Almost a year back when I made my own blog, I took the opportunity to dedicate the first ever blog post of my life to my mother.
Here goes the excerpt!
“The first post of the first ever blog of my life is undoubtedly dedicated to my mom, the only person in the name of my immediate family. Almost everyone travels along a rocky road towards success but few have such hands to hold along the way that give them the support and comfort they need. I am one of those lucky ones who get to feel the warmth of these hands while battling with the challenges of life. I never understood the meaning of the mother-child bond until I sensed the anguish of my own mother when I was in pain and couldn’t stop my tears when she was troubled. And now that I do it won’t be exaggeration to say that the debt of her efforts and time dedicated to me is my greatest motivation to success. And by experiencing the impact of this motivation I can easily say that the endeavors of a mother is the best motivation for all sensitive children, certainly more effective than beating, scolding or hours of lecturing. I hope the inspiration triggered by this relationship takes me a long way and helps me achieve what I aspire!!”
            Ever since media has taken upon itself to promote these special days by doing shows and dedicating programs to the event I have seen many people criticizing the concept of mother’s and father’s day in the light of religion but seldom do we look at it in the light of human nature.  Relating it to how I wrote the words above on my blog; it wasn’t mother’s day when I wrote this and it didn’t even take long for me to come up with all this since I truly felt it but that was one time when I was able to express my feelings. Maybe, a lot of people do that throughout the year and are lucky to have a personality that allows them to put across their love. But for a person like me that is not able to enunciate her love very often and finds ease in doing gestures to show it or probably write about it, a day like Mother’s Day is very helpful. It might seem un-Islamic to a lot of people but it gives the opportunity to do that one little thing that goes a long way for both children and mothers. And, honestly, anything that cherishes Allah’s most beautiful creations and makes his people feel good can never be un-Islamic. It’s just in how we perceive Islam that we might call this day un-Islamic.