Mubashir Lucman, Pakistani media scandal, TV One

Love-hate: ‘Internet vs. Media

Scrolling up and down on the Express Tribune web-page after I’m done with an assignment at work, ‘Mubashir Lucman suspended for off-air comments: Reports’ catches my eye and puts a smile on my face as nerves up there direct my hand to hit the link.
Honestly, the title sounded as interesting as one with Lindsay Lohan, Veena Malik or Shahrukh Khan would. And Lucman was a name that always caught my attention for the straight-forward style of grilling guests that he portrays during his show but this time seeing the word ‘suspended’ with it was what got more of my attention. The video not just starred Lucman and Meher Bokhari but also had a ‘not-so-honourable’ mention of Hamid Mir, another popular name in the talk-show world.
However, once I read the complete news it was only to make me question my own opinions about Lucman like ‘candid’, ‘straightforward’ etc.
But on a second thought, my mind was flooded with other questions like who would have made the video?
How would he have felt while uploading it on YouTube? And since most probably it is someone from the studio, how did he have all the guts to do that?
However, before I could get answers to them, I was struck by a parallel thought. It’s ‘Internet vs. Media’! Again!
We all know, had there been no YouTube, it would have taken quite some time and a good plan for the person to expose the video. But one link on the internet, besides giving an already twisted case of Malik Riaz another turn it has put a big question mark on the much criticised media of Pakistan.
Where the video case has made electronic media (news talk shows) more vulnerable to be hauled by questions on its integrity, it yet again puts the internet in a powerful place against the former. 
And the reason I am using the word ‘again’ again and again is because earlier this year a similar thing happened in the Maya Khan issue. Yes, it was the internet (blog) and later Facebook for circulating the blog that caused the nation to question the content of morning shows; I guess the first time so openly, considering that few years ago the Nadia Khan story did not get all this attention.
Internet and media pretty much go hand in hand everywhere, and Pakistan saw their healthy relationship take off with the advent of e-papers, newspaper blogs and such on the cyber-space but as time passed by, it is turning out to be quite a love-hate relationship. Especially, this year!
Whether all of this is for the good or bad, is up to everybody’s personal opinion but it has been quite clear this year that internet and media are not the best of friends in Pakistan