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Come! Come the days already

Perhaps its never enough to be expressing in a particular way and it serves the creative muscles best to be discovering new ways of venting out. Thus, here comes a poem. Being one of my favourite kinds of creative writing, I’ve written it for friends and of course in helpless moments but never with the intention of making them public. However, it does no good that anything written with a heart and soul should not remain shut in notebooks. On this note, I begin a series of poems on the blog. Having said that, another motive is to regularly excercise these muscles so I can polish my skills. Hopefully, this one is good start.

Come! Come, the days already,
When the gaze is not set far off,
It meets the two oceans of peace,
That take away the tranquil sleep!

Come! Come, the days already
When I dont sing a tune so sad
A ballad is sung for me instead
That touches all the notes unsung!

Come! Come, the days already
When patience is alas kept at rest
And Waiting leaves me all alone
That all wishes embrace in adore!