Its been dead for quite some time, right? Pretty much. For a long time. Well, time to shake things up a little. In the midst of targets, goals, grades and classes, thoughts and ideas remain buried inside. Last year was one such year where nothing made sense but it was all going towards one big move: college. And so it happened that I was off to American University, Washington, D.C.

What a wonderful life it was then! I had always planned to publish the chronicles of college on this blog. After all it seemed like the most natural thing to do. It was a new chapter and I already had a place to write about it. But many times, hell a lot of times things don’t go as planned. So I realised that I could write but I didn’t know what I would write, or why I would even if I figured what to. I had to figure out an inner voice. A purpose to say. Therefore, a process of intense journaling and reconnecting with my inner recollection of thoughts began first. I had to come to terms with what I was thinking first and develop a thought process before it was tabulated in words. And what better place to do this than a land of new things, where something or the other happens every now and then.

Freshmen year went by as fast as it could. Divided into two semesters, marked with one trip to Pakistan in winter and then the final one in summer, it was pretty much a phase on its own. The experience of meeting new people and seeing new places wasn’t new in itself. But the sheer extent of newness in people and places was. By places I don’t just mean the National Mall or Dupont Circle. Places we go to within ourselves. The spaces created by experiences within and outside.

Living alone was one such experience that helped me rediscover the space of my mind and self. Of course not alone, more like having a world of your own. There is nothing more important than being on your own for some time to get that perspective in life. To think how would I want my decisions to turn up if it were only me at the end. If everyone around was to fizzle away and not be a part of them.

Academics, as expected, was a world in itself, full of discoveries and revelations that rekindled passions. There is a lot out there in the world to do and as much to consider while making the decision to commit yourself to a field. Sometimes one is just at the crossroads. Alas, everything comes to an end to begin something now. So the time in D.C did, giving way to new adventures and discoveries that lay ahead, hopefully.