For the love of books

Introducing ‘For the love of books’

It is important to have a regular post series, and whats better than talking about books for continuity in this blog.

For the love of books or FLOB, as I shall often refer to it as, will reflect what I am reading and what I have in the past that sparks thoughts, interests or brings simple joy to life. I truly believe reading an activity that comes with no disadvantage whether the content is boring, engaging or whatever. At the least it leaves one knowing what NOT to read next time!

A little about my reading habits now. I have had an on and off affair with books as one grows in and out of certain interests. As a young girl I enjoyed all kinds of stories, ones I read myself and ones read to me by my mother. Junie B. Jones was a personal f1504905-main-530Wx530H.jpegavourite series, stacked neatly in my collection in Pakistan since middle school. I welcomed my teen years with fondness for “chick-lit”, as I later discovered it is referred to as colloquially. Whether it was the strong female characters and their urban lives portrayed that caught my interest or the bright covers with cute objects that caught my eye, I am yet to figure out. But in either case, such light-hearted fiction kept my interest alive in books when my generation was developing binge-watching habits.

As academic writing increased in my life due to school and university pursuits, my reading style also switched to thematic non-fiction. This kind of reading has been a journey of its own but I miss getting back to the light reads.

This section of the blog will be dedicated to discussing such ideas further and deliberating on fine print that leaves a mark on us. Hope you enjoy!