A stitch in time..

It feels great to pick up a new skill (and hobby) every now and then. It had been a few yeas since I did so. I had always wanted to work with yarn and learn knitting but had not taken the concrete steps to gets started.

But on a Sunday afternoon, at work, an unexpected encounter with a coworker who had just started learning to knit became a push to start. When you’ve put something off for a while, anything can be a motivator, really!

My colleague named a local knitting supply store and made it seem like a piece of cake so I headed off to the store in the next couple of days. At home, with my beginner bamboo needles and some soft wool yarn, I started watching Youtube tutorial after tutorial till I understood hand movements to start the slip knot and cast-on. Voila! I was a knitter. Ok – a beginner knitter.img_3884

But I could never think knitting was a skill so therapeutic and essential to productivity. In today’s age, it is hard to lock down tangible goals achieved every day or week. After all, things happen over a time. But a stitch knit in time adds a new row to your knitting project and you are sure to create something with repetition. This is what I love about it!

I worked on a few beginner patches of fabric to simply practice my stitches. But the key was to not give up. There are times when my yarn gets knotted or I accidentally add a stitch or two more. However, it can all be unraveled and re-started and falls into place again.

In this process, there is reassurance for everything else in life. So I find this the perfect activity. Not to mention the minimal need for technology and screen-time, which is much-needed in life today.

Here’s to many more years of knitting and creating memorable pieces.

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