A heartfelt project: ‘Peace through media literacy’

This past year in a International Conflict Management class the theme was peace studies and we were put in groups to do a project. My group was assigned to a peace education module for which we had to create module content and assignments for students of a chosen class level. I was fortunate to have group members who were on board for my idea – peace through media literacy.

Here’s a sneak peak at the concept:

“Media and information literacy is an important part of understanding how our sources of information form our views about the world at an early age. It is more imperative to stress on media literacy in the digital age as forms and sources of news have multiplied to become more diverse than before. Print media (newspapers, magazines, periodicals) are not the only source of information for today’s youth as television, internet and social media have taken the forefront in offering information. This means that people have become exposed to all kinds of news and information, including highly sensationalized and biased presentations of key social issues. Not only does this leave it upon people to sift through what they consume from the media but leaves young people to be unaware of a time when such representation of news did not exist.”

– Peace through media literacy teacher’s guide

And now take a look at More than a White Flag, a blog where Peace through Media Literacy and other projects for this class are published.