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Reading schedule: the what, why and how?

Reading is such a major part of my life since ever. Be it leisure, school or work – words are just my thing. But it can get tough to keep up with books and it is easy to keep going through one waiting to finish it. Here’s one way I plan to solve this problem – a reading schedule!


I cant even remember how and where this idea popped into my head. But I though that people who read a lot must have a proper way of keeping up. Unless, of course some are just gifted with checking a novel or two off each week. Without any preliminary research whatsoever, I have decided to keep a simple list of books I plan to to read and decide a timeframe around when I’ll start and finish them. A reading schedule attaches deadlines to your specific or broad reading goals thus keeping you on track.

Its like school but not really!



University has been the one phase so far that has come with most reading struggle. International Relations is a reading-heavy major (already ordered 3 books for ONE course) as it uses general analysis non-fiction instead of textbooks. This means its hard to juggle pleasure reading and required reading. Throw in the blogs, news and all other content I read for my job and we have a eclectic mix of dense and casual text of all sorts.

Ever since I got back to leisure reading in the last few months, it feels like a breath of fresh air to be actually finishing books. Stick to a reading schedule, check off books and find that sense of completeness!


I’m sure there are many ways that bookworms have figured out to keep them on track and pump out those book reviews but I like to keep it simple. So far I have started the reading schedule in my regular agenda/planner (shown above) and made it a part of that process alongside blog planning and daily tasks. But for those of you who are more planning-savvy, you could make this a part of focused journaling or keep a separate tab as well.

Anyone else who has a reading schedule? Share your thoughts and any ideas! I’ll be sure to keep you updated on how my reading schedule experience is going.


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