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Goodreads catchup: what am I reading next?

I started using Goodreads in high school when I felt the desire to read a certain kind of books but didn’t quite know the titles. Goodreads is that virtual bookstore where keywords, ideas and thoughts can result in actual titles to delve into very soon.

Lately, its kind of become a graveyard of books I wanted to read but never made the effort to acquire. There would always be something else popping out at the library or bookstore.

But following the promise to stick to a reading schedule (another post due on how that’s going :/) I am also digging up titles that got left behind. Here are some that I have actually acquires and plan to read in he next few months:

  1. One Fifth Avenue, by Candace Bushnell
  2. Crazy Rich Asians, by Kevin Kwan
  3. Londonopolis, by Martin Latham 
  4. Who Thought This Was a Good Idea?, by AlyssaMastromonaco

Stay tuned for the book reviews now! Read about what I have read so far here.

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