Blogs I love..

I started blogging when I was roughly 15 years old. Over the years, reading blogs have been a regular part of my life – with expected ups and downs of course. However, recently, moving to WordPress has opened up a new world of blogs to me as I can utilize the Reader to remain updated with posts.

Here I share with you all some of the blogs I follow and enjoy reading. The list is not exhaustive and I’m sure will keep growing as I discover more.

  1. An Historian About Town 

I dont remember what I was looking for when I stumbled upon this one. And it’s a treat! As an International Relations student, British culture and books enthusiast and just an avid reader, I really appreciate the content here. I often take reading tips, book recommendations and even style tips on Style File Fridays from this blog. You can also follow An Historian About Town on Instagram for travel stories, and beautifully curated tea and book pictures.

2.  Knitting Unplugged

This summer I taught myself how to knit and ever since have fallen in love with making those comfy yarn creations. But just because I learned it myself doesn’t mean I know everything about it. So I turn to Knitting Unplugged for patterns, tips and sometimes, just creative motivation.

3. Rabia Rambles

I was looking for posts about planners, stationery and some student life inspiration in the summer and came across this gem. The aesthetic, content and voice is everything I want in a blog as a reader. What’s most heartwarming to see as a fellow Muslim blogger and also follower is that Rabia clearly puts thought and effort into this blog. The posts have great pictures #plantsonwhite, they are well-researched and truly honest. I can figure out from reading so far she is studying in university, a science-related degree so honestly, mad respect for Rabia for keeping up this passion alongside academics. I am a student myself and know it can get hard.

4.  Apartment Therapy

I know, I know, this is technically not a blog but they do post on WordPress Reader and you can follow them there. Thats where I found this magazine/website while looking for some room and home decor inspiration. Full disclosure: I cannot achieve half their ideas and I live in a university dorm but it’s amazing to read and build an aesthetic for whenever you need it.  They offer practical tips, aesthetic inspiration and sometimes fun listicles- all in one place. What’s better with a cup of tea and chocolatey hobnob on a rainy afternoon. I know this for sure for me!

FYI, this list is not in order of preference or anything. I will be sure to follow up with a part 2 once I follow more blogs and fall in love with them. For now, these are my go-to with my breakfast, evening tea and sometimes even bedtime reading!