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Book Review: Shopaholic Takes Manhattan

This month’s book review is part of a favourite series: The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic or commonly known as Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella. If you’ve read another of my piece in this section, you’ll know my love for chick lit. A young woman takes on the challenges of the world as she figures out her life – what’s better?

Here I review the second book in the series, Shopaholic Takes Manhattan.

First thoughts…

Becky Bloomwood and Luke Brandon – the leads in the series, are no strangers as I loved them in the first book and its movie. However, getting to read this many years after the first one (kind of missed this one among other books and life!) was unsettling as Becky’s lack of concern for her financial situation hit me differently this time.

Love-hate with Becky

As someone who earns, lives in a big city and constantly juggles with the fun and financial balance, Becky sounded ridiculous in the beginning. However, Kinsella has her own way of making this carelessness endearing. Becky’s problems are like those clothes she fitted in the small closet which eventually burst open as they show in the movie. So I stopped thinking about whats gonna happen this time and just started to enjoy in the moment her adventures of planning to go to New York and then in New York.

What to take away?

Over the years that I have been reading this series, there is a bittersweet feeling associated with the narrative. Any of us can be Becky, and is it so bad? As a young person who has started to make money (and also spend) it is fascinating to see different kinds of financial habits that exist around the world. We all think we are great with our money until we start to run out. While Becky is a total shopaholic, the interesting bit is to understand how it is perfectly normal from her perspective. She loves to shop, and credit cards are made to support it!

My takeaway from Kinsella’s adventures with Ms. Bloomwood is that indulgence is not the devil here but excess. And no matter what the problems are, the real investment in life is the great people that we have by our side. They help us get through, stick by our side and don’t shy away from letting us know about our faults. Thats who Suze is for Becky and my real takeaway from the book.


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