How to beat the fall blues

The month of October is invariably when I burn out. Over the last few years, this month has become emotionally, mentally and physically taxing due to a number of reasons.

As school and university got busy, I basically took up a lot to do in summers: high school programs, part time jobs, summer classes and this year a full time job as well. This means that come September and October I’ve had almost 12 months of full-on activities without a break.

On top of that if you’re in North America, weather starts to change and you can feel your body give up.


If you go through this any any form .- even if at another time, here are things to help you beat the blues:

1.Slow down if you’re sick

A lot of burning out happens because we refuse to slow down or adjust our way of life to our changing surroundings. If you’re falling sick but keep up the same rigorous schedule, maybe think of slowing down for a week or so to recuperate.


By taking this time, you are allowing yourself to heal quickly and do more as soon as you’re feeling better.  There’s nothing wrong with a few days in bed with a hot cup of tea if it means you’ll be back in shape feeling healthier and more equipped to deal with things.

2.  Break up the rut

If you’ve been following a similar routine for a few months now, it may be time to change it. Wake up >> school/work >> socialize >> eat >> sleep – this may be many of you (as was me) throughout summer. Just like all things monotonous, a routine can make our day dull.


If you’re like me and appreciate the constants in your day, stick to a routine but introduce new things once in a while to change it up. I have recently started taken time out to journal and plan my day in the morning and before sleeping. This is partly because I have to sleep and wake up at the same time every day given a full-time 8:30-4:30pm job. So having a fun thing in my routine helps.

3.  Eat well, live well

I am the last person who should be saying this, but this year it comes from the heart. We always hear people recommending Vitamin C-rich foods or greens for colder days to keep our health on track. I saw how my immunity went down this year as compared to last. Many weeks of October I was sick. However, just being mindful of what I was consuming (a.k.a a lot of takeout and fast food) made a whole lot of difference in how I was feeling.


Actively include fruits (notice freshly squeezed OJ pictured above), vegetables, and home-cooked meals in your diet. Pair it with a workout 2-3 times a week and you will notice your body is responding back to this care with more energy.

Fall in Vancouver has only just begun with heavy rains and the usual cold, wetness. So stay tuned for more wellness and beat-the-blues posts as I figure new kinds of blues and more ways to beat them.