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Book Review: Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians and other books by Kevin Kwan had been on my radar for the past couple years. The bright, recognizable covers would catch my eye at every airport and bookshop. But I didnt really get to pick it up until after the movie released this summer.

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I really wanted to watch the movie, but I am a book-before-movie person so I had to finish it off. Well, both got delayed as I just finished the book a few weeks ago and still haven’t watched the movie. But here are my thoughts upon finishing the book.

The look and feel of the whole experience of interacting with this book was posh. It was a deluxe feel and I knew the tales of crazy richness inside would be on point.

Crazy Rich Asians, as the name suggests is about crazy rich asians. For a book about its characters, Kwan does a great job of making the characters real and affable. Even though I am not crazy rich, I am South Asian and some of the things said by Nick’s family or even Rachel’s mom were extremely familiar. You could hear the characters say it in your head, without any other reference points like the movie.

This also made it an easy read. There are times when I really appreciate a book that flows like a TV show since a lot of reading time competes with Netflix time these days. Kwan’s writing style is natural and flows. It is really like a friend recalling and narrating a story.

Out of all things, the plot was really the most underwhelming aspect of the book. This was maybe because wedding ad love marriage drama is somewhat new in the Eastern context to Western audiences but being a regular consumer of Bollywood, these wedding sagas leading to relationship drama are omnipresent in my reading and entertainment. I did appreciate Kwan’s understanding of the struggles of modern relationship in that context though.

Thats all I got till I finish Who Thought This Was a Good Idea? and review that.

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