Morning water therapy

I have a not-so-great morning routine. I wake up stumbling out of my bed and have just enough time to get dressed, grab my stuff and a quick breakfast (that will be eaten in the office).

This kind of rushed morning takes a toll on small things we must do that matter.

Inspiration and process

One of these recommended by my best friend Ramsha is drinking water. I’ve heard many forms of this advice all my life but somehow Ramsha made it seem doable.

I didnt start waking up early but have made it a point for the past one month or so that I allow myself an hour before eating something to drink water.

I started with 2-3 glasses initially as it felt weird just have so much water. A few weeks in it felt doable so I upped it to my coffee mug that I keep in the office. Its a tall, big 20oz vessel that is fun to drink from.

I just replaced the coffee with water. At home I filled a mason jar of water the night before so I didnt have the excuse of not detouring to the kitchen for water in the morning.

The impact

To be honest I thought the impacts would show in super long run. But only a few weeks in I could feel changes. Here are the changes I experienced in my body over the last month:

1. Easier feeling awake

There’s waking up and then there’s feeling awake. For someone who has a desk job these two are different and the latter is necessary. Starting my morning with water made me feel less sleepy and down even after a long night and I felt more productive at work.

2. No need for caffeine

I am an unabashed caffeine addict. Tea, coffee, cold brews – I love them all! However, delicious espresso beverages add to the calories and expenses, both. (More on black coffee in post to come). Having water before breakfast somehow made the day go by easier without coffee. I still had a cup but it was because I wanted to, not because I physically needed to. Just restoring that control over my one part of my diet was a very welcome change.

3. Overall hydration

I’m sure you’ve heard a billion times: water is vital. I have too. But didnt really realize how vital and in what ways till morning water therapy impacted my skin and hair.

I only drank water when I was thirsty before but thats when dehydration has begun. So consciously drinking water hydrated my skin and hair in cold and rainy Vancouver, where its hard to just ‘feel’ thirsty.

There are also other ways of making this whole process fun such as drinking different kinds of infused water. Add citrus wedges and mint leaves to keep yourself interested in drinking water throughout the day.

I have also seen people use apple cider vinegar or lemon juice with warm water first thing in the morning as a detox method but haven’t tried.

Have you? Let me know!