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Book Review: Danielle Steel’s “Fall from Grace”

This was my first time reading a Danielle Steel novel. After seeing it in bookstores, airport stores and news stands countless times, this one held my attention at Indigo Bookstore in the 2 for $15 paperback shelf. 

I was looking for something with strong female characters, a chic setting and yet a gripping storyline and Falling from Grace delivered. 

Reading the blurb I had a sense that it would be a riches to rags but then back on your feet kind of storyline. However, there were some pretty good twists and turns that helped the book not be a cliche 

The premise of the plot that a husband dies leaving his wife and children in lurch is something I have witnessed a lot in real life as well so it sat well with me. It was interesting to see that Steel chose to have this done by Andrew’s ex-wife and children. 

Before starting the book and a little bit into it, I searched Danielle Steel and her books – just out curiosity! And what I found was a pleasant surprise as I was not aware of her popularity and sheer volume of work produced. 

I have been guilty of sticking to genre that align with my moods, but stepping out of my literary comfort zone with Falling from Grace  was a good decision this time as it ended up introducing me to a new world of fiction. 

Falling from Grace can best be described as a short television series in print that grips you enough to read on but doesn’t burden you such that you cant pick up the book on a bus ride or waiting room. It demands enough attention from the reader to be intriguing but not so much that you are inclined to keep it down every now and then. Much like many beach reads, it can be finished in one sitting as well however, I don’t have the luxury of time to do that. 

With strong female characters all over, enough plot twists and emotions, this has set the Danielle Steel bar at a decent place for me. Such that now I am struggling to find another one of her books to read – something thats as engrossing, because I find myself finding similar plot lines to have a similar reading experience. 

Are you fond of Danielle Steel novels? Do you have any recommendations? I highly recommend Falling from Grace.