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Kindle: a new experience in reading

If you’ve been regular (or barely there) on the blog, you’d have some idea by now that I am desperate to read – read a lot these days! Over the past few months, I have thoroughly enjoyed getting back on the saddle – reading chair, in this case. And part of that pursuit has been to get out of my comfort zone and reading habits (somewhat bad) established so far. 

What got me started?

One of these habits was that I was dead against e-reading when it came to pleasure reading. Last year I bought a tablet and put an end to this when it came to reading for school as the proportion of electronic material in my courses went up. And this year, with the purchase of the new iPhone XS Max, coming in all its big glorious screen, I welcomed Kindle

My mother has been an avid Kindle user for magazines, her recipe books and what not. But I was sticking to good old paper printed books. Don’t get me wrong, I am still reading a lot of physical books but Kindle is a welcome addition to that. 

How am I using Kindle? 

So how does using both physical books and an e-reading app work? I never understood this until I started my own thing. Basically, it was difficult logistically and financially to keep buying a lot of books I wanted to read. A small residence room, limited storage and just accessibility in general were all contributing factors.

So what I have started doing is I purchase some popular (whatever is available) titles affordable on Amazon Kindle shop. At the same time I purchase physical copies of books I want to keep on my shelf for long, something worth the space. This means a good cover, a reasonable size and a book I am proud to keep in my collection. 

Otherwise, to satisfy that voracious appetite for text, I am exploring new and lesser-known titles on my Kindle. 

What have I read so far? 

If you’re curious what are these titles I am referring, here’s a sneak peak of whats in my Kindle library so far: 

My Kindle library as of now. 

As you can see a couple of these titles are Urdu language books. This is the best part about Kindle for me. I have been behind on reading Urdu books, often simply because they are thick and heavy, making it hard to lug them around on my daily grind. But having these literary giants (no pun intended!) in my Kindle makes it a breeze to read them on the go. 

Other than that, there are some lesser-known series of books that are not seen on bookshelves in stores. From what I have observed so far, Kindle is great for reading classics, lengthy series that have many books so you are not collecting physical material you would hate to resell or chuck out when you’re done reading, but also don’t have infinite space in your house. 

I must mention, I am still not going to shell out a lot money-wise for an e-book as I would prefer using that $10-20+ amount on a physical book I can actually hang on to. 

Nevertheless, a great find among these e-books  is a series of Allison Pearson. She is well-known but I only discovered her writing through Kindle. My Goodreads search tells me she has a series of Kate Reddy books (one of them is a Sarah Jessica Parker movie also), and I cant wait to catch up on it soon. Also, this calls for a review of How hard can it be?  – no? Stay tuned!

Some cool functions

The beauty of tech is all those extra things we can do with it. With your paper book, you can just read it – like a regular person reading a regular book. But with your Kindle you can do a tad bit more. Actually a lot more!

The functionalities available to make it easy on the eyes

Speaking of strain on the eyes, if you like to read before sleeping for hours at night, your friend is dark mode. Just select it from the options and it inverts colors, so you see white text on a black background. 

One of the things you can do is adjust font size. This was a huge concern for me in the beginning but being able to make text bigger, and help it be easy on the eyes was a welcome feature. Especially for reading text in Urdu, given the complex script and strain on the eyes squinting can pose. 

Urdu text as it appears on Kindle app. 

Have you ever read a line or paragraph that you want to go back and read again? In a physical book you have to mark the page or underline the text. You may not want to do that on your crisp paperback or the book may be borrowed. So in Kindle you can press on a part of the text and highlight or make notes in it.  As you read you also see dotted underlining which tells you how many people have marked that line. It is a cool feature – although, I don’t know how I would use it! 

This has become a long post, so I’ll cut it short and keep you posted about my Kindle adventures.

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