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Winter break reading list

I started this post a while ago with the intention of setting a reading list target. I even started a good reads shelf ‘winter-break’ but as time went plans changed.

I had planned to read mainly but recently picked up a big knitting project (more on that soon!) and have started catching up a lot on Urdu literature shows.

Anyway, here’s the list so far:

I wasn’t able to get Twinkle Khanna’s books as they weren’t in store and couldnt be delivered in time.

I do plan to read The Death of Sheherzad and Aage Samundar Hai – both masterpieces of Urdu stalwart writer Intizar Husain.

I’ll be posting reviews and critical analyses of these as soon as I finish them and have the time to draft in the new year. But for now its a treat getting to create a cozy bubble of beautiful Urdu poetry and literature as I listen to maestros and critics of the finest fiction, non-fiction and poetry.