A perfect winter hobby…

I’ve said this in a previous post that I found knitting a great self-taught hobby with tonnes of room to improve.

But to be honest my last attempt at pursuing knitting with fruitful results didn’t go down well. It was summer, a lot was going on and I couldn’t produce final products which eventually took a toll on my motivation.

Just before winter break started I happened to be on shift with another of my colleague who is an avid knitter. They were using a loom knitting rectangle to weave a scarf. The movements seemed complicated at first but the whole process was fast and easy.

I knew I had to get one asap before winter break, so a few days later I was in Michael’s on W Broadway – truly, a knitters heaven.

Once I had the loom and some new skeins of colorful yarn in my hand, as they say, rest was history.

Here are some of the results:

A few scarves later, I also tried knitting a hat using the circular loom. I got that set from Amazon and it has 4 sizes of looms used to make products of different circumferences.

Here’s how my first hat turned out to be:

Like I said before, knitting is a great therapeutic activity for me that helps me take my mind off of worries, produce something tangible and sometimes have quick gifts to treat my loved ones 😊