Reading more than one book at a time

Honest confession: I’ve lost my reading mojo somewhere as 2019 has kicked in. As I have transitioned from working full time to taking classes again, there is a lot to do that takes over my time for pleasure reading.

However, one thing that has been a saving grace is my Kindle app. While there are thick texts I read for school, my Kindle app has some light reads I can get through during a busy day.

But reading multiple texts alongside each other is not something that comes naturally to me. I am quite an immersive reader, I will fully enjoy reading books that draw me in and I will binge-read them if I like them. So switching between reading history books and a mystery novel is a new experience.

So far what’s worked for me is keeping the genres different. If I am reading something dense and literary on paper, I choose something light and comedic for my Kindle. This makes sure what I am reading and the experience around it is different enough for me to not be confused or the whole thing becoming exhausting.

The downside I experience however is that I am slow in finishing these texts. When I read one book and only one book with a focus, I make sure I finish it before starting something new. With Kindle, you often forget how slow or fast you’re going as you aren’t physically holding a book so it tends to go on and on.

Nevertheless, having a strict reading schedule and incentivising finishing books by tying it to writing reviews makes one stay on track. Even while I am being lazy about finishing books, I am aware I have gotten off-track and intentionally redrafting the reading schedule is sure to help with reading productivity.

How are your reading habits? Let me know in the comments!

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