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Book Review: Moveable Feasts by Sarah Murray

Wanting a break from fiction, I ended up picking Moveable Feasts as an intriguing non-fiction read from the Book Warehouse – a bookstore I was visiting for the first time. Rightly promised by the blurb, it is a journey behind the scenes of treats in our grocery stores that we gobble up so easily without thinking where or how it came about there.

Moveable Feasts: From Ancient Rome to the 21st Century, the Incredible Journeys of the Food We Eat offers a selection of stories of they journey of some food essentials that are part of our everyday life. Meat such as salmon, packaged goods like canned tomatoes, bottled essential such as olive oil and portable goodness such as tiffin service during our lunch breaks.

Our interaction with food everyday happens at various stages. We are buying fresh ingredients, and packaged ingredients, preparing food in our kitchens or ordering food from far away. All these steps are quite effortless if you have enough money today but complex process and clever inventions have made them possible over decades. Murray captures the history of these key inventions that make it possible for us to consume at the rates we do with minimal effort.

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My one big worry with delving into history of “things” kind of non-fiction is that it will take me on an endless journey of something I like but not deliver pertinent, interesting information. Murray delivers big time to curious cats and anxious readers waiting to know more without being hindered by the prose.

The strategic chapters make it a book to be read anytime, anywhere as you can even choose specific chapters to start from or go back to certain chapters to read again. If you’re an economics and international relations student like myself who is learning about globalization and its multiple facets you will also enjoy the expanse of the globe covered by Murray as it is not simply covering breakthroughs in North America but sheds light on Asian economies as well.

All in all I highly recommend Moveable Feasts by Sarah Murray for the content and writing as it will leave you soaked with gallons of new knowledge about what’s at your next family dinner that you can then share with those eating with you! \

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