Reboot with Fall goals

Living in the West I have begun to resonate strongly with Fall. It was an unnamed season before but now a prominent season and mood in my life. Despite the beautiful shades of green, yellow and rust outdoors,  happiness of the new academic year starting begins to fade away around October. The monotony of the daily routine and responsibilities building up can be overwhelming for many. However, this is not the time to fall behind, it is the time to reset goals. 

I have started to create seasonal goals to cope with the stress of this season and whatever that goes on in it. Last year I also had some Fall experience and coping strategies to share, however, a lot has happened in the past year that has led me to change how I think about Fall. 

Here are some of the ways in which I plan to keep up with life in Fall while enjoying everything it brings with it: 

1. Get moving 

Something clearly missing from my Fall activities of the past was a regular fitness routine. This is something I have been struggling and working on ever since I came to university (maybe, calls for a separate post!). But in the past few months, yoga has come to my rescue. It offers that opportunity to move but is so much more as I’m doing it with multiple goals – improving breathing, stretching and just taking on a personal challenge!

2. Look forward

Its close to the year ending, and everyone has mixed feelings. I know I do! Did we achieve everything we set out to in 2019? Maybe? Maybe not? Whatever your case may be, remember that you still have a few months so instead of believing its already over look forward and tick off a few more things from your to-do list of the year.

I’m working on mine to take better control of my diet and body!

3. Be mindful of your consumption

I’m consciously choosing to frame this as ‘consumption’ because its so much more than food and drink. Be mindful of what you are consuming in terms of content, energy, thoughts and of course your food and water.

For me, fall comfort food is a weakness and I tend to hibernate with my creamy carbs and cheesy treats. However, this year I have whipped out my MyFitnessPal and am tracking my intake once again. Thats one way of being mindful of fitness but track your social media, Netflix binging and whatever else you may think you need to steer to moderation.

4. Enjoy the season

In trying to do all this, don’t be hard on yourself! Its a beautiful season out there and especially in Vancouver its been sunny and chilly. Which means you should get out there and explore the nature and do everything that you love. I’ve been spending a lot of mornings by the window sipping my tea and working with my yarn on a new project.

Check out last year’s post on journaling if thats something that can help you!

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