A perfect winter hobby…

I've said this in a previous post that I found knitting a great self-taught hobby with tonnes of room to improve. But to be honest my last attempt at pursuing knitting with fruitful results didn't go down well. It was summer, a lot was going on and I couldn't produce final products which eventually took… Continue reading A perfect winter hobby…

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Winter break reading list

I started this post a while ago with the intention of setting a reading list target. I even started a good reads shelf 'winter-break' but as time went plans changed. I had planned to read mainly but recently picked up a big knitting project (more on that soon!) and have started catching up a lot… Continue reading Winter break reading list


How to beat the fall blues

The month of October is invariably when I burn out. Over the last few years, this month has become emotionally, mentally and physically taxing due to a number of reasons. As school and university got busy, I basically took up a lot to do in summers: high school programs, part time jobs, summer classes and… Continue reading How to beat the fall blues