About Me

Welcome to Kamal Ki Baatein (my personal blog 2.0)

Kamal Ki Baatein has come a long way in its journey with me. I started it as a teen, working my way around the digital world, communications and writing. And at this stage, I feel confident and capable enough to take it forward in a certain direction. It is a collection of my individual musings- some well-articulated, some rough! So far it has grown with my personality and will continue to do so, however, does not reflect my entirety.

I am a 4th year undergraduate student at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. I study International Relations and Economics and my intended career path is something around policy-making. However, my passion for writing and communications has got me all communication-related jobs so far.

I work as the Communications Assistant at UBC Student Communication Services and Supervisor at the UBC Annual Giving Call Centre. Previously, I also studied at American University, Washington, D.C. as a Policy, Politics and Law (PPL) Scholar.

As this is the phase of life I am in, Kamal Ki Baatein will be reflecting it and then transform into whatever is a reflection of my life after university. Metamorphosis is the way to be in life and this is what I will choose the blog to be- ever-changing, yet true to its nature.

Apart from Kamal Ki Baatein, I also have a food blog called The Hungry Undergrad, with friends.