For the love of books

Welcome my fellow reader, blogger…

It was getting lonely here so, guess what? Yes, I got a dear friend to join me in sharing her passion of reading. Going by the pseudonym trajaque this new author will be sharing book reviews of what she's currently reading - and mind you, she reads a lot! What's new and amazing is that… Continue reading Welcome my fellow reader, blogger…


A perfect winter hobby…

I've said this in a previous post that I found knitting a great self-taught hobby with tonnes of room to improve. But to be honest my last attempt at pursuing knitting with fruitful results didn't go down well. It was summer, a lot was going on and I couldn't produce final products which eventually took… Continue reading A perfect winter hobby…

For the love of books

Kindle: a new experience in reading

If you've been regular (or barely there) on the blog, you'd have some idea by now that I am desperate to read - read a lot these days! Over the past few months, I have thoroughly enjoyed getting back on the saddle - reading chair, in this case. And part of that pursuit has been… Continue reading Kindle: a new experience in reading

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Threadventures: Francine the Floral Fox

In the list of my successful and enjoyed embroidery projects, I add Francine the Floral Fox. I picked up this design online, part of a series of cute animals and recreated the picture using similar threads and stitches I found most appropriate. Stitches used: 1. Stem stitch-for outline and some stems 2. Lazy Daisy- for… Continue reading Threadventures: Francine the Floral Fox

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Hand Embroidery: Reviving a popular creative hobby from the past!

  Crafts, handiworks and handmade goodies, all bring the delightful waft of yesteryears as we remember stories from our grandmothers and mothers. When we think about handmade dresses, gifts and items, we think about the ethnic creations of East and envy it from afar. Perhaps, we even pay an extra buck for the exquisite products… Continue reading Hand Embroidery: Reviving a popular creative hobby from the past!