Productivity 101: Time management

Full disclosure: even though this post is on time management, it has been in my list of drafts for a long time. Nevertheless, I get to it now! If you're new (or even old) to tackling multiple competing priorities at the same time you have at some point struggled with time. Just feeling like there's… Continue reading Productivity 101: Time management


Productivity 101: how I use my academic planner

I remember the old school days in Pakistan when our course book and notebook sets would include a 'diary'. It was to remember assignments, dates and deadlines. If only they came in pretty pink paisleys or funky geo prints - they didn't, thanks to school logos. So, as soon as my school didn't ask me… Continue reading Productivity 101: how I use my academic planner

For the love of books

Book Review: Shopaholic Takes Manhattan

This month's book review is part of a favourite series: The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic or commonly known as Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella. If you've read another of my piece in this section, you'll know my love for chick lit. A young woman takes on the challenges of the world as… Continue reading Book Review: Shopaholic Takes Manhattan


The what, why and how of journaling

I have had an on-and-off relationship with writing about my life. Be it blogging or journaling, I'd have phases of doing lots and then nothing. I had to find a purpose and its meaning in my life. Recently as I got back to blogging, I also got back to focused journaling. The past few years… Continue reading The what, why and how of journaling


3 things I have learned from working as a student

Ever since I started university in North America, I wanted to work alongside studying. I had done a long internship at The Express Tribune throughout high school so I knew that was something I can manage. When I finally got to work upon moving to Vancouver, I left no position (which I qualified for) unapplied.… Continue reading 3 things I have learned from working as a student


What’s this back to campus business?

I am a big fan of dorm decor ever since I saw my first-year double room, with grainy walls, low lighting and scruffy furniture. It adds character, homeliness and a dash of warmth to often drab spaces. However, having lived in 3 residence spaces in my university career so far I have figured one thing.… Continue reading What’s this back to campus business?